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1145 Stoughton Ave Chaska, MN


Your project is only as good as the people and equipment handling it. At CEM, our manufacturing capabilities are tough to beat since we can do what others cannot.

We perform machining, broaching, hobbing/splining, welding, assembly, kitting and stocking programs with our in house departments. We use our network of qualified “team” associates for heat treat, grinding, coating, flame/plasma/laser, casting, forging and forming projects. Deploying a JIT model, we offer complex prototype through high-volume production capabilities with multi-site, multi-shift operations.

Services include horizontal and vertical mill and lathe machining, manual machining, drive shaft manufacturing, quality assurance, broaching, hobbing, grinding, welding, painting, assembly, kitting, stocking, packaging, and shipping.

We also offer value-added capabilities in CAD/CAM design engineering, process evaluation, fabrication, and finishing services.

The primary materials we work with are mild steel, alloy steel, stainless, aluminum, brass/bronze, castings, forging, and plastics.

What We Do

CNC Horizontal Machining Centers (up to 5 Axis)
  • Up to 30” part size, 24-inch dual pallets,  CAT-50, 1000 PSI Coolant Thru
CNC Vertical Mills (up to 4 Axis)
  • Up to 20” x 40” table, dual pallets, CAT-40, HP Coolant
CNC Lathes (up to 5 Axis)
  • Up to 30” swing, 6.5” thru spindle, 78” max. turn length, bar feeders, live tooling, Y axis
  • Static and dynamic
  • ¼”-16” in diameter
  • Up to 12” dia. x 36” long, in house.  Outsource larger
  • Up to 25 ton x 60” stroke, in house.  Outsource larger
  • Assembly can be as basic as one operation to large multiple component complicated assembles of all sizes
  • Hydraulic Presses up to 100 ton
  • Air flow Paint Booth 8’x8’x8’
  • TIG and MIG Welders
  • Welding tables and fixtures.
  • Pre-Heat Ovens
  • Vertical U-Joint presses
  • Horizontal Assembly presses: 2”-6” in diameter
  • Cut-off lathes: 1”-6” in diameter
  • MIG Welders
  • Oxygen/Acetylene torches
  • Medium pressure/high volume parts washer


Our home office and primary production facility of 50,000 sq. ft. is located in Chaska, MN. Our second facility in Frazee, MN offers 23,000 sq. ft. of production capacity to further service our customers.

Value Added Mindset

At CEM we have a value-added mindset. If there is a project and we can help the customer with by coordinating the extra processes, we are ready for that! We like to be able to offer customers the added benefit of getting a competed part or assembly ready to use in whatever way they need.