Experience With Parts In the Following Industries

Ag Food Processing Recycling
Automotive Hydraulic Refuse
Automation Irrigation
Construction Material Handling
Conveyor Off-Road Construction
Electric Motor Printing
Food Packaging Recreational

Import Line

We try to manufacture and purchase parts within the USA. However, some companies have the requirement for offshore parts. We have set up qualified vendors overseas for these requirements. Our vendors only deliver top quality parts. They are currently ISO9000 certified and are working towards their QS9000 certification.

If price is your main concern, we can obtain quotes for your casting, forging and machined part requirements.

If you are currently using imported parts, or would like to inquire about pricing, please supply us with detailed prints. We require more lead time on quoting and delivery due to the processes involved with overseas communication.

ISO & QS Compliant

We have adopted all of the principles and standard procedures of ISO & QS. We have, at the current time, chosen not to register for our formal certification. We have made this decision in an effort to keep our overhead costs down and to be more competitive for our customers. We follow our quality manual, documentation and continuous process improvement procedures to ensure our customers a top quality and competitive product.

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